About Me

I’m Drake Vato, though my real (as in official ID) name is Victor Dimitrov. Currently, I am being alive for a quarter century now (or 25 y.o. for those who balk at flowery language). For the time being I preside in Sofia, Bulgaria, not the nicest place on this planet, but I manage.

My favorite pastime is playing computer games and when I say “computer” I do mean games that are on PC, not consoles (though I’ve been warming up to those too, lately). I also like reading, watching movies, listening to music and playing tabletop role-playing games, and I enjoy the occasional recreational sport when there are enough nice (read: non-aggressively competitive) people around. I can chat about or discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from natural sciences, through art and storytelling, to philosophy and theology, and I am always keen to acquire new knowledge.

I had set up this site in order to publish my ideas and creations, so they can reach more people around the world. The point is, in my opinion, that there is little reason to create anything, be it art, architecture, technology or some other type of legacy, if there is no one to feel and experience it beside yourself. Hence why I, being a fledgling Creator, decided to give myself a head start in that regard. And if by chance somebody likes my work, so much better; I would have already made a meaningful, even if small, contribution to society as a whole.

Besides this site, my other projects I am doing are writing my first English novel (I had already written one in Bulgarian, my native language), and the development of Stellaria, a sci-fi space opera setting which I had worked upon for almost a decade. I have various other odds and ends, but they inevitably shift or I lose interest in them so often, that they are not worth mentioning.

As for myself, currently I am slowly recovering from a severe disease, which had been plaguing me for the better part of 13 years. At least there is one silver lining to this long torment – indeed, a very great one, actually – and that is now I know what the purpose of my life is.

Enough rambling; you wanted an About page – and here it is.