Sample Short Story


by Drake Vato


A sparse, cold drizzle was falling from the dark sky. Signal lights, cast by a variety of hovers and transports, washed over the surrounding buildings in murky tones of red, blue and amber. People in uniforms and hazmat suits crowded the alley.

Captain Koort Darkovitz disliked nights like this. He didn’t stay late at the office so that he could take another shift. Neither he wanted to be given assignments instead of being home with his wife, Mia, who was currently smiling at him from the adjacent seat. “We could always have sex in the morning,” she said.

Koort laughed. “Oh, it’s a given. Only I hoped for some sleep beforehand.”

“Same here.”

They both exited the hover. Koort was athletic, of medium height, with steel-grey hair and deeply tanned skin. In contrast, Mia was lithe, slightly taller and though she had no surplus weight, she was endowed enough to make heads turn. Adding in her copper skin and long red hair, she had a kind of exotic beauty rarely seen in a natural human. Koort stepped toward Mia, but she pushed him gently away. “Remember, work.”

He sighed quietly. “Alright, let’s get to it.”

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